Quantcast Alternator Regulator (Delco-Remy)

ELECTRICAL    SYSTEM TM   5-3805-263-14&P-2 TESTING   AND   ADJUSTING 2. Cables between the battery, starter and engine ground  must  be  the  correct  size.  Wires  and  ca- bles must be free of corrosion and have cable support clamps to prevent stress on battery con- nections   (terminals). 3. Leads, junctions,   switches  and  panel  instru- ments  that  have  direct  relation  to  the  charging circuit  must  give  correct  circuit  control. 4. Inspect the drive components for the charging unit to be sure they are free of grease and oil and have  the  ability  to  operate  the  charging  unit. Alternator Regulator (Delco-Remy) When an alternator is charging the battery too much  or  not  enough,  an  adjustment  can  be  made  to the charging rate of the alternator. Delco-Remy  24V  50A  (5S9088  Alternator) The voltage adjustment screw for the 5S9088 Alternator  is  located  under  the  end  plate. To adjust the voltage setting on this alternator, use  the  procedure  that  follows: 1. Remove end plate (2) and cover (3) from the alternator. 2.  Remove  the  rubber  sealant  from  the  adjustment screw (4). 3. Use a voltmeter to measure alternator voltage output. 4.  Turn  adjustment  screw  (4)  counterclockwise  to lower  the  voltage  setting.  Turn  adjustment  screw (4)  clockwise  to  raise  the  voltage  setting. 5.  Put  3S6252  Rubber  Sealant  on  adjustment screw  (4)  and  install  cover  (3)  and  end  plate  (2). CAUTION Make  certain  that  field  wire  (5)  is  not  located over  transistor  pins  (6).  The  pins  can  make  a hole  in  the  insulation  of  the  wire. 1-76


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